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  • Cooperative networking
    Sharing knowledge and experience.

herCAREER Lunchdates – the digital network that connects people for an exchange in a professional context

With targeted matching – contrasting or conforming – we bring people into contact who want to learn from each other professionally and personally and exchange experiences at a lunch date. Virtually or in a personal meeting – the participants decide for themselves.

Use herCAREER-Lunchdates to strengthen your network. In addition to the monthly matches, we network once a year at the herCAREER-Expo, the platform for female career, for female graduates, women in specialist and management positions and founders.


We believe in a world where equal participation in the workplace is possible and equal opportunities prevail – across all diversity dimensions. Along the way, we pay particular attention to female careers: We offer a platform that strengthens and empowers women beyond envy and resentment.


With the match-making of herCAREER, we want to boost female career development and focus on mutual support. We encourage people to share their knowledge and experience and open up their networks.This creates new, unimagined opportunities and perspectives. Everyone benefits from this.