• Cooperative networking
    Sharing knowledge and experience.

Anyone who is willing to share knowledge and experience can participate – this is how we really benefit from each other. Solidarity and true empowerment – that’s what we stand for with the herCAREER brand.

herCAREER lunchdates stands for professional and personal exchange. Whether contrary or conforming discussion: You decide.

  • Register and use herCAREER-Lunchdates free of charge until further notice.
  • You can update your profile at any time: Keep adapting it to your questions and your competencies.
  • Compared to other popular social media networks, we focus on targeted networking.
  • COVID-19 has once again shown us that a lunchdate does not have to be tied to a location at all.

Life goals, career planning, new work – the job market is in a state of flux and is increasingly showing how important diverse perspectives and teams are in order to master the challenges of the future. This is where herCAREER Lunchdates comes in through cross-hierarchical networking, saying goodbye to the usual dog-eat-dog mentality and moving towards collaborative networking.

Matching with award-winning algorithms

herCAREER Lunchdates is a platform for exciting contacts and a targeted exchange of experiences. That’s why you should join us:

  • The algorithm-based matching process was awarded the German Excellence Prize.
  • The questionnaires are based on scientifically sound survey techniques.
  • Those who match are significantly more likely to make contact! This means: More chances for a targeted and professional exchange.
  • Networks can be real career boosters.
  • Careers are based not only on performance, but also on professional self-promotion and good connections.
  • Almost every second job is now filled via networks. (Source: Institute for Employment Research, IAB)

Offer and get information, exchange ideas with suitable interlocutors and let’s benefit together from the knowledge and experience of the community.

How herCAREER Lunchdates work

  • After your registration you will receive a link. There you can create your personal profile with the help of a scientifically evaluated questionnaire.
  • Networks function via a give and take. You determine in which subject areas you are available for an exchange and in which area you are also looking for an exchange and new impulses yourself.
  • Also, you can decide between different questions for which you are looking for or offer an exchange.
  • You decide at what intervals you will go through matching rounds for potential lunchdates
  • In order to contact each other, each participant specifies how he or she would like to be contacted. Be it via social media, e-mail and/or telephone.
  • Together you choose the time and meeting place for your Lunchdate – whether offline, over the phone or virtually via Zoom or Skype.

Please note: herCAREER Lunchdates is not an acquisition or recruiting platform. We kindly ask you to refrain from such inquiries. Job seekers and recruiters find each other on herCAREER Jobmatch.

Our vision: The network of networks

Wir stellen unsere Plattform herCAREER-Lunchdates unter dem We make our platform herCAREER Lunchdates under the label of herCAREER also available to (women-)networks – no matter if in the company for internal networks as well as associations / networks / federations.

  • They use the platform to match each other for what we call lunchdates.
  • They also have their members unlocked across networks for herCAREER Lunchdates.

With herCAREER’s technology platform, we not only support networking at herCAREER Lunchdates – we also connect across networks. A network of networks, so to speak. Are you interested? We are available for an initial consultation and an individual offer. Simply send an e-mail to: hello@herCAREER-Lunchdates.com